Companies Using This Specification

Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of Paper Products.

Product Name
Sanitary Paper Products
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, 12Sx4
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, 4Sx12
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Mega, 4Sx6
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Unscented, 24Sx1
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Mega, 6Sx4
Purex, Toilet, 2P, Decor, Mega, 6Sx4
Purex, Toilet, 2P, White, Mega, 12Sx2
Purex, Toilet, 2P, Summer, Mega 6Sx4
Purex, Toilet, White, Mega, 7S+Rollyx3

Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 12Sx2
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, White, 4Sx10
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, White, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, T&L Hypo, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, T&L Silky White, 8Sx5
Sorbent, Toilet, Long, Hypo, 8Sx5

Handee Towel, Prints, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, Summer, Double Length 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, 4Sx6
Handee Towel, White, 6Sx4
Handee Towel, Max 3P, White, 2Sx6
Handee Towel, White, Double Length, 2Sx6

Tork Ultra Long Towel, Long , 2Sx6
Tork Ultra Long Towel, Short, 2Sx4
Tork Jumbo Toilet 270m 2P, 1x6 Prem T1
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 4x9 Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 1000s, 1P, 4x12 Uni T4
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 16x3, Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 700s, 2P, 8x5, Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 1x48 Adv T4
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 2P 170m, 1x12 Prem T2
Tork Toilet Roll, 850s, 1P, 1x48 Uni T4
Tork Toilet Roll 280s, 2P, 1x48 Prem T4
Tork Jumbo Toilet 650m, 1P, 1x6 Uni T1
Tork Jumbo Toilet 320m, 2P, 1x6, Adv T1
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 400m, 1P, 1x12 Uni, T2
Tork M/Jumbo Toilet, 200m, 2P, 1x12 Adv T2
Tork Jumbo Toilet, 320m, 2P, 1x9 Adv T1
Tork Basic Paper C/Feed 1P, 300mx6 M2
Tork Basic Paper C/Feed BLU 1P, 300m x6 M2
Tork Xpress LL M/fld Hnd Twl 209s Adv H2
Tork Toilet Roll 400s, 2P, 1x40 Prem T4
Tork Toilet Roll 700s, 2P, 1x40 Adv T4
Tork Toilet Roll 220s 2P, 12x4 Adv T4

KC-P Towel
4444 Scott Low Wet Compact Towel
44301 Kleenex VIVA Kitchen Towel
4455 Scott Optimum Towel
4456 Kleenex Optimum Towel
4457 Scott Large Optimum Towel
4440 Kleenex Compact Towel (made in Australia only)
4419 Scott Roll Towel
5855 Scott Compact Towel
38000 Scott Essential Ultraslim Towel

KC-P Bath
4321 Scott Hygienic Bath Tissue
4322 Kleenex Hygienic Bath Tissue
4735 Kleenex 400 sheet Toilet Tissue
4737 Kleenex 300 sheet Toilet Tissue
98130 Kleenex 180 Sheet Toilet tissue 4 Pack
4760 Scott 1000 sheet Toilet Tissue
4781 Scott 800 m 1 ply JRT
4782 Kleenex 400 m 2 ply JRT
5741 Scott 400 sheet Toilet Tissue
5742 Scott 600 sheet Toilet Tissue
5748 Scott 600 m 1 ply JRT
5749 Kleenex 300 m 2 ply JRT
38004 Scott Essential 300 m 2 ply JRT

KC-P Facial
4720 Executive 100 Sheet
4715 Executive 200 Sheet
4721 Upright 90 Sheet
4725 Scott flat box 100 sheet

OfficeMax Facial Tissue 100s
OfficeMax Facial Tissue 224s
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 650m
OfficeMax Toilet Tissue 400s
PureElite Kitchen Towel Twin Pack
OfficeMax Kitchen Towel Twin Pack
PureValue Toilet Tissue 400s
PureXcel Toilet Tissue 400s
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 320m
PureXcel Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m
PureValue Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m
OfficeMax Jumbo Roll Tissue 300m

This is a new spec which has replaced: EC-10-14 Packaging and Paperboard Products, EC-13-15 Sanitary Paper Products and EC-26-15 Office Paper and Stationery

Please bear with us while we transition our existing paper products licensees across to the new criteria.

In the meantime, please click on the links below for further information including a list of companies who are transitioning to the new criteria.

- EC-10-14 Packaging and Paperboard Products
- EC-13-15 Sanitary Paper Products
- EC-26-15 Office Paper and Stationery

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