Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of eco-friendly commercial and institutional cleaners .

Product Name

Advance Nature
- Spray and Wipe
- Total Washroom Cleaner and Maintainer
- Glass Cleaner
- Floor Cleaner
- Cleaner Degreaser

Supershine Transit Car and Truck Wash

Care4 Crème Cleanser
Care4 Liquid Scourer
Care4 Natural Cleaner/Neutral Cleaner
Care4 Heavy Duty Cleaner
Care4 Natural Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner
Care4 Bathroom Cleaner
Care4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Care4 Carpet Cleaner
Care4 Carpet Spotter
Care4 Graffiti Remover
Care4 Window Cleaner
Care4 Manual Dishwash Detergent

Earthcare Crème Cleanser
Earthcare Multi-purpose Cleaner
Earthcare Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Paramount Care Manual Dishwash Detergent
Paramount Care Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner
Paramount Care Heavy Duty Cleaner
Paramount Care Neutral Cleaner
Paramount Care Crème Cleanser
Paramount Care Carpet and Fabric Cleaner
Paramount Care Graffiti Remover

Jet Care Heavy Clean
Jet Care Toilet & Bathroom
Jet Care Neutral Cleaner
Jet Care Crème Cleanser
Jet Care Manual Dishwash Detergent

Eco Cleaning Service Neutral Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Heavy Duty Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Carpet Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Window Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

Brush No Flush Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Kemsol Neptune
Kemsol Reflexion
Kemsol Top Notch
Kemsol Spring Clean

Eco Bowl Cleaner Concentrate
Eco Glass Cleaner
Eco Griddle Clean

CrestClean Heavy Duty Cleaner
CrestClean Toilet Cleaner
CrestClean Spray Clean
CrestClean Glass Cleaner
CrestClean HyperClean

Eco Group Spray & Wipe All Purpose
Eco Group Glass and Surface Cleaner
Eco Group Cream Cleanser
Eco Group Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Eco Group Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Eco Group Oxygen Cleaner
Eco Group Bathroom and Shower Cleaner

Clean Planet All Clean
Clean Planet Glass and Surface Cleaner
Clean Planet Cream Cleanser
Clean Planet Toilet Clean
Clean Planet Floor Clean

Apex Spray and Wipe
GreenR Spray and Wipe
Bathroom Cleaner
Bowl Kleen
GreenR Toilet Bowl Cleaner
C-Thru Window Cleaner
GreenR Window Cleaner
Greener Neutral Cleaner
GreenR Citrus Cleaner
Orange Based Cleaner
Panther Car Wash
GreenR Oven Cleaner

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