Licence No:

5512111 & 5614124

Croxley Recycling is the first operation in New Zealand to be accredited Environmental Choice for a process; rather than a product or service.

Croxley Recycling recycles imaging consumables, such as toner cartridges and full-scale printer dismantling and recycling. Croxley Recycling works with OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the IT consumables sector to provide services tailored to fit the requirements of the manufacturer.

Croxley Recycling has 14,000 collection points including businesses of all sizes, schools, universities, hospitals, government departments, banks, home users and retailers and is free to consumers. The biggest users of this service are the organisations and individuals that sell and use IT consumables such as toner and inkjet cartridges.

As a functioning business unit of Croxley Stationery, Croxley Recycling is managed with both Enviro-Mark Diamond and CEMARSĀ® certification and Environmental Choice. Croxley invests in processes to reduce its environmental impact and Croxley Recycling recycles greater than 99% of all materials processed through its image consumable facility.

For further information please contact Wayne Grieve on 0274 438 2265

Below is a list of Croxley Recycling products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Service Licence

Service Licence

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