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New Zealand Panels Group offer a complete collection of sustainable interior decorative panels, to suit most residential or commercial projects. We work hard to offer environmentally friendly products and promote sustainable business practices across the board. The following brands are ECNZ certified:


Bestwood Positive RGB2

  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Bestwood Melamine on MDF: 6mm-30mm
  • Bestwood Melamine on Particle Board: 9mm-30mm
  • Bestwood Veneer on MDF: 9mm–30mm
  • Bestwood Veneer on Particle Board: 9mm-30mm



  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Prime Melamine on MDF: 6mm–30mm
  • Prime Melamine on Particle Board: 9mm–30mm
  • Prime Veneer on MDF: 9mm–30mm
  • Prime Veneer on Particle Board: 9mm - 30mm
  • Prime High-pressure Laminate on MDF 12 – 30mm
  • Prime Acrylic on MDF 16mm – 30mm

2015 Kopine RGB v1.00

  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Kopine Medium Density Particle Board 9mm-30mm
  • Kopine HMR (moisture resistant) particle board 12mm-30mm
  • DIY Panels - MDF and PBD
  • Kopine Ultralock particleboard flooring
  • Kopine Tongue and Groove particleboard flooring


  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Thermoform (mono-colour) vinyl on HDF 9mm – 30mm


Below is a list of New Zealand Panels Group Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

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