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It was concern about the destruction of the world's indigenous forests that inspired the establishment in 1976 of Daiken New Zealand's medium density fibreboard (MDF) plant producing Customwood®.

The original inspiration for the establishment of the Customwood® operation was the vision of a Kiwi entrepreneur who recognised that MDF represented an opportunity to turn "waste" wood into a product with a wide range of applications, in construction, furniture and other segments. He recognised that the successful production and marketing of such a product would represent a significant contribution to the sustainability of global resources.

Operationally too we have undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at conserving resources:

  • 75% of the energy consumed in the manufacture of Customwood® MDF is obtained by burning renewable fuels (bark, wood residues, etc)
  • 100% of the plant waste water is treated and then used for irrigation on farmland
  • We undertake recycling of cardboard, office paper and containers

By working with resin manufacturers, we have also developed a range of Customwood® products that meet the exacting Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for formaldehyde emissions. The highest grade, F4 Star (also known as Super E0), has formaldehyde levels similar to wood. Customwood® also complies with the equally rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) limits on formaldehyde emissions. This represents a de facto national standard for the United States of America.

The most recent breakthrough has been achieving FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation for our raw material sourcing. The focus on the environment and sustainability has never changed. As a pioneer in environmentally safe products internationally and with our commitment to sustainability, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients Customwood® products supported by the Environmental Choice brand.

Below is a list of Daiken New Zealand Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Customwood™ MDF - all thicknesses, all types:

- SuperFinish SE0-MR
- SuperEco (E0-MR)
- Pro Panel
- Light Panel
- Thin Panel

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