Licence No:

2910079, 3610070, 3710071 & 3810072

PO Box 68–015, Newton, Auckland 1145

021 441474

Care4 Products have been created by a team of experts to meet the growing requirement in New Zealand for both high quality high performance cleaning chemicals and formulations that meet or exceed Environmental Choice New Zealand standards. The team with over seventy–five years experience in chemical manufacturing and testing, realised that no one organisation in New Zealand had the experience or focus to produce the depth and range of products now presented under the Care4 brand.

Care4 products are produced not just to meet Environmental Choice New Zealand standards but also with full consideration of the best ethical practices taking into consideration both corporate governance and a passion for our environment and New Zealand's responsibility to our world.

The Care4 range includes unique and innovative products designed to make cleaning easier and quicker than other products, and also to be very cost effective in use – there is no need to compromise on performance or by having to pay a "green premium".
Care4 products are very concentrated. This has intentionally been done to reduce the transportation and storage costs that have benefits for us all in reducing our carbon impact.

Care4 Products are available through an increasing range of selected distributors throughout New Zealand.

Below is a list of Care4 Products products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-29-16 Toiletry Products

(Licence No. 2910079)

Care4 Liquid Hand Soap / Flowing Soap
Paramount Care Liquid Hand Soap
Earthcare Palm Oil-free Liquid Hand Soap
Jet Care Liquid Hand Soap
Eco Cleaning Service Liquid Hand Soap

Care4 Floor Polish Stripper
Paramount Care Floor Polish Stripper

Care4 Crème Cleanser
Care4 Liquid Scourer
Care4 Natural Cleaner/Neutral Cleaner
Care4 Heavy Duty Cleaner
Care4 Natural Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner
Care4 Bathroom Cleaner
Care4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Care4 Carpet Cleaner
Care4 Carpet Spotter
Care4 Graffiti Remover
Care4 Window Cleaner
Care4 Manual Dishwash Detergent

Earthcare Crème Cleanser
Earthcare Multi-purpose Cleaner
Earthcare Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Paramount Care Manual Dishwash Detergent
Paramount Care Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner
Paramount Care Heavy Duty Cleaner
Paramount Care Neutral Cleaner
Paramount Care Crème Cleanser
Paramount Care Carpet and Fabric Cleaner
Paramount Care Graffiti Remover

Jet Care Heavy Clean
Jet Care Toilet & Bathroom
Jet Care Neutral Cleaner
Jet Care Crème Cleanser
Jet Care Manual Dishwash Detergent

Eco Cleaning Service Neutral Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Heavy Duty Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Carpet Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Window Cleaner
Eco Cleaning Service Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

Brush No Flush Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Care4 Liquid Laundry
Eco Cleaning Service Laundry Liquid

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