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Premier A Grade Insulation Limited (Premier Insulation) has been involved in supplying and installing Insulation in NZ since 1996. 

The Premier A Grade Glasswool insulation is manufactured in Taiwan using 65-70% recycled Glass.  It is highly effective insulation for use in retrofitting existing properties and in new buildings both residential and commercial. All products are BRANZ Appraised and come with a 50 year product warranty.

Below is a list of Premier Insulation Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-25-17 Building Insulants

(Licence No. 2517147)

• Wall: R2.6 (90mm), R2.8 (90mm)
• Skillion/wall products: R3.2 (115mm), R3.6 (140mm), R4.0 (140mm)
• Ceiling: R3.6 (155mm), R4.0 (175mm), R5.0 (210mm)

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