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Mammoth Modern Insulation is manufactured in New Zealand by InZone Industries Ltd, a vertically integrated business offering a supply and install service for insulation and other energy efficiency solutions to the residential, commercial and retrofit markets.

All Mammoth products are 100% polyester, free from formaldehyde-based binders, insecticides or any other added chemicals and are made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles.

All products listed below are made in New Zealand and are BRANZ tested – they are safe and easy to use and are backed by a 50 year manufacturer's warranty.


Below is a list of InZone Industries Limited products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-25-17 Building Insulants

(Licence No. 2510069)

Mammoth R1.9 90mm Underfloor Section
Mammoth R2.2 90mm Wall Blanket
Mammoth R2.6 140mm Wall Blanket
Mammoth R1.9 90mm Wall Section
Mammoth R2.0 90mm Wall Section
Mammoth R2.2 90mm Wall Section
Mammoth R2.5 90mm Wall Section
Mammoth R2.8 140mm Wall Section
Mammoth R1.8 115mm Ceiling Blanket
Mammoth R2.9 185mm Ceiling Blanket
Mammoth R3.2 200mm Ceiling Blanket
Mammoth R3.6 225mm Ceiling Blanket
Mammoth R4.0 240mm Ceiling Blanket
Mammoth R1.5 100mm Underfloor Blanket
Mammoth R1.8 115mm Underfloor Blanket

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