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CSR Bradford Insulation is able to offer the market an extensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation products.

Bradford Gold High Performance range boasts R values up to R6.0, the highest level of insulation available on the market for New Zealand homes.

Saving up to 70% of your heating & cooling costs, our products meet the highest New Zealand standards and carry a lifetime guarantee.

By asking for Bradford Gold, you will be creating the best possible environment for your family.

Below is a list of CSR Bradford Insulation products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-25-17 Building Insulants

(Licence No. 2508039)

Optimo R2.6 Underfloor
R2.6 Wall Insulation
R3.6 Ceiling Insulation
R3.6 Ceiling Blanket
R4.0 Ceiling Insulation
R5.0 Ceiling insulation
R6.0 Ceiling insulation

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