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Wattyl is a paint and surface coatings company that produces a broad range of paints, varnishes, lacquers and special purpose protective coatings. Our products are used by individuals, contract painters and industrial customers. With operations in Australia and New Zealand, the Wattyl Group employs over 2000 people. The company's origins date back to 1915 where, in an Australian backyard, H.R.Walters developed a treatment for reviving French-polished furniture. This innovative product, known as 'Crystal Veneer' became an immediate success and laid the foundation of Wattyl's future success.

From its humble backyard beginnings to its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1959, Wattyl through innovation, research and development, acquisitions, and organic growth has become a leading Australasian-owned paint manufacturer.

Taubmans EcoProof is an example of our innovation and commitment to a healthy environment. Taubmans EcoProof is a unique system , it is the only paint that the Asthma Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand have approved as part of their Sensitive Choice stable of products as being better suited for people with asthma and allergies.

Below is a list of Wattyl (NZ) Limited products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

EC-07-18 Paints

(Licence No. 0709054)

Wattyl Solagard Gloss
- Gloss Black
- Gloss Blue
- Gloss Deep
- Gloss Karaka
- Gloss Magenta
- Gloss Ochre
- Gloss Pastel
- Gloss Red
- Gloss STB
- Gloss White
- Gloss Yellow

Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen
- Low Sheen Deep B Green
- Low Sheen Deep
- Low Sheen Karaka
- Low Sheen Magenta
- Low Sheen Ochre
- Low Sheen Pastel
- Low Sheen Red
- Low Sheen Yellow
- Low Sheen Black
- Low Sheen Blue
- Low Sheen STB
- Low Sheen White

Wattyl Solagard Roof
- Roof Dark Grey
- Roof Deep B Green
- Roof Deep
- Roof Grey Friars
- Roof Ironsand
- Roof Karaka
- Roof New Denim Blue
- Roof Permanent Green
- Roof Pioneer Red
- Roof Rivergum
- Roof Sandstone
- Roof Scoria
- Roof Titania
- Roof White

Wattyl Solagard Semi-Gloss
- Semi-Gloss BLB
- Semi-Gloss Carters Green
- Semi-Gloss Deep
- Semi-Gloss Esco Green
- Semi-Gloss Pastel
- Semi-Gloss STB
- Semi-Gloss White

- Granoprime

Living Proof
- Ceiling White
- Eggshell NX6370
- Eggshell Blue
- Eggshell Strong
- Eggshell Deep
- Eggshell Pastel
- Eggshell White
- Silk Blue
- Silk Red
- Silk Strong
- Silk Deep
- Silk Pastel
- Silk White
- Satin Strong
- Stain Pastel

Valspar WB Deck and Furniture Oil
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Kwila
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Redwood
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Traditional
- Valspar WB Exterior Furniture Oil Kwila
- Valspar WB Exterior Furniture Oil Traditional

- Limeblock
- Freesand
- Ezysand
- Dead Flat
- High Build
- Ceiling Flat
- Ultra Low Sheen
- Satin Vinyl White
- Acrylic Semigloss White

Valspar Exterior
- Exterior Gloss Black
- Exterior Gloss LTB
- Exterior Gloss Mid
- Exterior Gloss Pure Magenta
- Exterior Gloss Strong
- Exterior Gloss White
- Exterior Low Sheen Black
- Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Exterior Low Sheen Pure Magenta
- Exterior Low Sheen Strong
- Exterior Low Sheen White
- Exterior Matt LTB
- Exterior Matt Mid
- Exterior Matt Strong
- Exterior Matt White
- Exterior Satin LTB
- Exterior Satin Mid
- Exterior Satin Strong
- Exterior Satin White

Valspar Interior Flat
- Interior Flat Black
- Interior Low Sheen Brilliant Yellow
- Interior Low Sheen Intense Red
- Interior Low Sheen LTB
- Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Interior Low Sheen Pure Magenta
- Interior Low Sheen Radiant Orange
- Interior Low Sheen Strong
- Interior Low Sheen White
- Interior Matt LTB
- Interior Matt Mid
- Interior Matt Strong
- Interior Matt White
- Interior Satin LTB
- Interior Satin Mid
- Interior Satin Strong
- Interior Satin White

Valspar Interior and Bathroom
- Kitchen Bathroom Ceiling White
- Kitchen Bathroom Low Sheen White
- Kitchen Bathroom Satin White

Valspar Deck and Timber Stain
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Cedar
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Charcoal
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain CTB
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Kwila
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Redwood

Valspar Trim
- Water Based Trim Satin LTB
- Water Based Trim Satin White

Valspar Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat
- Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Valspar Acrylic Stain Blocker
- Acrylic Stain Blocker

Valspar Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Valspar Ceiling White
- Ceiling White

Wattyl Aquatrim
- Aquatrim Satin LTB
- Aquatrim Satin White

Wattyl Premium Ceiling Paint
- Premium Ceiling Paint

Wattyl Premium Exterior
- Premium Exterior Gloss LTB
- Premium Exterior Gloss Mid
- Premium Exterior Gloss STB
- Premium Exterior Gloss White
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen STB
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen White

Wattyl Premium Interior
- Premium Interior Ceiling Paint
- Premium Interior Low Sheen LTB
- Premium Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Premium Interior Low Sheen STB
- Premium Interior Low Sheen White

Wattyl Premium Kitchen and Bathroom
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom LTB
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom STB
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom White

Wattyl Premium Primer Sealer Undercoat
- Premium Primer Sealer Undercoat

Wattyl Ultra Exterior
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen White
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen STB
- Ultra Exterior Gloss White
- Ultra Exterior Gloss LTB
- Ultra Exterior Gloss Mid
- Ultra Exterior Gloss STB

Wattyl Ultra Interior
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen STB
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen White
- Ultra Interior Matt White
- Ultra Interior Matt LTB
- Ultra Interior Matt Mid
- Ultra Interior Matt STB
- Ultra Interior CL Air Low Sheen White
- Ultra Interior Satin White

Wattyl Ultra Prep and Ceiling
- Ultra Prep and Ceiling Flat
- Ultra PSU
- Ultra Prep and Ceiling Surf Pr
- Ultra ASU
- Ultra Ceiling Toned
- Ultra Ceiling Hi Op Wh2016

ID Advanced Matt
- ID Advanced Total Cover Matt Su White
- ID Advanced Matt STB
- ID Advanced Matt Mid
- ID Advanced Matt LTB
- ID Advanced Matt White

ID Advanced Low Sheen
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Strong
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Mid
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Light
- ID Advanced Low Sheen White

ID Advanced Satin
- ID Advanced Satin White
- ID Advanced Satin STB
- ID Advanced Satin Mid
- ID Advanced Satin LTB

ID Advanced Ceiling
- ID Advanced Ceiling

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