Licence No:

0213120, 0115136 & 0315137

New Zealand

0800 327 849

Earthwise is a New Zealand made range of environmentally considered products for your home and body. Perfected over decades of testing and refinement, Earthwise products are specifically developed for your home and living environment. The result is products that are naturally powerful and naturally kind.

Earthwise creator, Tom Robinson, formulated his first plant-based product in 1964. From humble beginnings with plant-based fertilisers, the Earthwise range has grown to include products suitable for your laundry, kitchen, bathroom and a personal care range that is readily available for purchase in most supermarkets and niche retailers.

While the range has expanded since the 60s, what hasn't changed is the value Earthwise places on the environment. Earthwise's plant-based products are non-toxic, septic-tank safe and not tested on animals. Further to that, they are also all formulated in New Zealand.

Below is a list of Earthwise Group Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Laundry Liquid
- Fragrance Free
- Lavender
- Orange & Eucalyptus
- Wool & Delicates
- Black Wash
- Lemon & Gardenia

Baby Laundry Liquid

Oxygenated Whitener Eucalyptus & Lavender

Laundry Powder
- Fragrance Free
- Lavender
- Eucalyptus & Orange
- Lemon & Gardenia

Lemon and Aloe Vera
Elderberry and Aloe Vera
Pink Grapefruit
Rosehip and Aloe Vera

Lemon Dishwasher Tablets
Lemon Dishwasher Powder

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