Licence No:

0109059, 2909061, 3812114, 3514128 & 3709051

QualChem Products is a family owned and managed business which operates out of a modern, purpose built 1000m2 factory. We maintain a clear focus on the development and production of good quality, high performance cleaning chemicals and personal care products at attractive prices. Our active technological relationships are with manufacturers in the USA, Canada, Australia and England.

QualChem Products has a programme of continuous improvement which includes new product testing and evaluation, following latest overseas trends and implementing improvements to existing products. New products are constantly being developed to suit a particular problem or to satisfy a client's request.

QualChem Products are always seeking ways to be innovative in offering our clients unique products. Lowering the cost of chemicals to the end user and working closely with our clients is an integral part of our business.

QualChem Products strives to develop cleaning chemicals with environmental integrity. QualChem Products has taken initiatives to reduce the impact that our products may cause to the environment.

Below is a list of QualChem Products products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Golden Touch
Q-Dose Dishwash
GreenR Lemon Detergent

EC-29-16 Toiletry Products

(Licence No. 2909061)

Mode luxury body wash
Mode luxury lotion soap
Mode enriched lotion soap
Mode moisturising body wash
Nu-Care Pink
GreenR Liquid Soap

GreenR Machine Rinse Aid
GreenR Automatic Dishwash Liquid

Apex Spray and Wipe
GreenR Spray and Wipe
Bathroom Cleaner
Bowl Kleen
GreenR Toilet Bowl Cleaner
C-Thru Window Cleaner
GreenR Window Cleaner
Greener Neutral Cleaner
GreenR Citrus Cleaner
Orange Based Cleaner
Panther Car Wash
GreenR Oven Cleaner

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